Monday, October 31, 2011

Milk and Cheese Coupons

I never leave the house without my milk and cheese coupons! These can be found on The milk and cheese coupons are only valid in UT and ID. These coupons can be printed twice per month from each computer. We have two computers that we print from so I receive 4 milk coupons in a month. (I usually print two at the beginning of the month and two at the middle of the month as they are good for two weeks after printing.) Got a computer at work that you are allowed to print from? :)

Think of the savings of just the milk coupon. If the coupon is posted on every month (which so far they have been) and you are able to print 4/month... 4 x .75 = $3/month x 12 months = $36 in savings!

PS-Look for sales on cheese to use this coupon. I have also found Winco's Medium Cheddar Cheese is the best everyday price. I am not 100% sure, but I think you can buy a lb on one type and a lb of another. I would ask an employee or cashier to be sure.

Target Deals

I do not shop at Target regularly because I do not live close enough to one to make it worth the trip. (My husband drives by it every day so maybe some day I will send him to the store with coupons!) However, I know that many of you do live near a Target so here you all go! The nice thing about Target is that you can stack a Target coupon with a manufactures coupon. I think Fabulously Frugal does a good job at showing how to use both coupons. If you do have questions, just let me know.

Target Deals week of 10/30

Red stars means to stock up because it is a really good price. Black stars mean it is a good deal, but not necessarily the best.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners: A Must Have

I must insist that you at least give these liners a try. I hardly use my crockpot without them anymore since they are so cheap at Walmart. They are everyday priced at $1.88 for 5 liners. With that coupon, it is $.18 per meal to save you from washing a drity, grimy crockpot.

Find the coupon here.

This coupon is frequently posted so make sure you check the coupon database before heading to the store!

40 FREE Photos!

For those of you with photos to print, head on over to Walgreen's website to get 40 FREE prints! This is only good throug 11/1/11 so what are you waiting for?!  Enter the code DRUGSTORE40 at checkout.

(From my email confirmation)

Quantity              ItemTotal  
40  4x6 print(s)   $7.60  
40  glossy finish   $0.00  
Item Total  $7.60  
Coupon Code(DRUGSTORE40)  -$7.60  
Subtotal  $0.00  
Tax*  $0.00  
Total  $0.00

**Make sure you choose free in-store pick up.**

Thank you, Hip2Save

My Doubles List 10/31 *UPDATED

This is roughly what my shopping trip is going to look like tomorrow. I understand that not everyone who reads this blog receives doublers... but I'll try to point out the good deals without them, too.

I am going to be taking my doublers to Walmart this week. I the Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup is the only thing at Albertson's that I would look at getting, but I can get a better deal at Walmart because of the special deal going on at Fred Meyer. I have 15 doublers so I will list how I am using each one.

Walmart Double's List:

1-4. Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup.
I am going to Price Match (PM) Fred Meyer's deal from their ad. They have them on sale for $.99 with a save $5 when you buy 10 items, which makes them $.49 a can. I will then use 4 $1/5 from and double them. If I did my math right, I will be paying $.19 $.09 a can!! Woot! (I think the cashier messed it up so I ended up paying a little more, but I can't complain!)

*Our Walmart has these on Roll Back to $.60. With the $1/5 coupon, it makes them 5 cans for $2. 
*Smith's in Utah has their Cream of Chicken Soup 10/$10. Using two coupons off the website, this makes them $.80/can. Not the best deal, but certainly cheaper than normal!

5-8. Dawn Dish Soap
Walgreens has Dawn 9.0oz on sale for $.99. Today's PG insert had $.50 coupon that I will double to get 4 9.0oz bottles of dish soap free!

*Without doubles, this is still 50% off! So snatch this at Walmart or Walgreens!
Other couponers beat me to this one! Darn. Oh well!

I used a doubler on $1/1 U Kotex (check online database) for their small pack of liners; $1.24. So I made +$.66
I also bought 2 boxes of muffin mix. They weren't a great price ($1.50/box after coupons), but I have been craving a good lemon poppy seed muffin!

9-10. Bar S Hotdogs

$.89/pkg. I ended up paying $.53 for 4 pkgs.

*I am not sure what the actual price on this is going to be, but I know Walmart has Bar S for the lowest price. So, that is the place to use your $.75/2 coupon. It would make 4 pkgs about $2. This coupon was found in last week's inserts.

11. $1/10 Yoplait Yogurt
Yoplait is $.50/cup compared to $.70 at FM or Albies. With a double, I will be paying $.30 a cup, or 10 for $3. This coupon was in the paper a few weeks ago (will look up later) and also on

*$1/10 is a high value coupon without a double! You just have to know where to go to get the best regualr price to make it "worth more."

12. Bic Pens
"like" Bic on FB and get a $1/1 coupon. Bic Crystal Pens 10pk is $.97 at Walmart. Yes, that means with a double Walmart will be paying me $1.03 to take these pens home. ;)

I actually got a white out pen because already have a ton of pens at home!  It was $1.68, $.68 w/coupon, +$.32 with doubler

*Good deal with overage without double

13. Pam Cooking Spray
Not sure of price, but I need some so I might as well double the $.50 off coupon I printed out last month before it expires!

$1.44 after doubler

14.-15. Unknown?!?
I haven't assigned coupons to these doublers yet. I usually have a few coupons tucked in the front pocket of my binder that I will compare prices when I get there. I always have my $1 off Crest toothpaste coupons tucked in there to double because they make for less than $.50 tubes of toothpaste if nothing else! (And they are great to donate!)  Things in my pocket today: IAMS cat food, Always Infinity (can usually get below $2/box!), New Land 'O Lakes quick ham rolls coupon (found today, want to price out)

**I actually didn't use these two!**

Other Coupons to Use at Walmart:
$8/2 Covergirl (I really don't need any more make up so if you are the first to comment on this post, I will send you free cover girl face make up!  Bonus: Let me know what you want before tomorrow!)
$1/1 UP2U gum x3. Reg $1.48 $1.28
Free Dr. Pepper Coupon from SS 10/9 (Thank, mom for the coupons!)
$2 off ANY tide, including trial size. I will try this at Walmart! (Found at bottom of post) Good for a $1.03 money maker!  Why this may not work for you.

Today's total before normal grocery shopping:

Total: $15.42
Amount Saved: $51.60

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Walmart Under $1 10/29/11

Fabulously Frugal's Top Ten Deals Under a Dollar at Walmart.

I am excited for the free pens and to use my last $8/2 Cover Girl coupon!

Coupon Lingo

SS? P&G? RP? BOGO? What does that all mean? Let me tell you!

The following is a deal listed on  Fabulously Frugal's website:
Dr. Pepper Ten $1.69
Free Dr. Pepper Ten 10/9/2011 SS Insert (exp 11/21/2011)
Final price: FREE! (source)
They have listed the date the insert came out, the insert it came from, and the coupon's expiration date. Most websites will do this for you to make it easy!

List of inserts:
General Mills (GM)
Proctor and Gamble (P&G or PG)
Red Plum (RP)
Smart Source (SS)

Deal abbreviations.:
Buy one, get one (BOGO)
Buy one, get one (B1G1)
Buy x, get x ex:(B2G1)
Dollar off / # of product ($3/2, $1/1)

Other terms:
Catalina: Coupon printed from machine at register based on purchase. Good for future purchase. (Sometimes these are store specific.)
UP Rewards: Rite Aid's reward program. Spends like cash on next Rite Aid purchase
Register Rewards: Walgreen's reward program. Spends like cash on next Walgreen's purchase.
Instant Rebate: Rebate is deducted at time of purchase.
Mail-in Rebate: Customer must submit rebate form. (or electronically where applicable)

For a more in depth look at coupon lingo and for others not listed here:

Price Matching

You've looked through all of your ads for the week and you are getting overwhelmed at the number of stores you have to visit to get all of your good deals. For those who are all for the "one-stop-shopping" shoppers, Walmart and Shopko will price match other stores with their ad.

There are few restrictions to price matching so make sure to check out these policies.

Walmart's price matching policy.
Shopko's price matching policy.

For example, at Walmart you can price match "Buy one at $2.99 get one 50% off", but you cannot price match "Buy one get one 50%off" without a specified price.

A price matching scenario I did was for Past Roni. It was $.79 a box at Fred Meyer. I had already planned my trip to Walmart and didn't want to run to Freddies. Walmart is pretty good about the customer saying "Product X is on sale at store A." The cashiers are supposed to have a copy of competitors ads at the register, but they don't always. Thus, I usually carry a copy of the ads. Anyway, so I showed my ad to the cashier and I got FM's price at Walmart. Then, I was able to use my coupons there.

Any questions about price matching, please leave a comment!

Please feel free to list others in the comments. I will research them, find the links, and repost.

Places that price match appliances:
RC Willey

The Almighty Coupon Binder

Organization is essential in couponing! I used to have all of my coupons just tucked in a pocket-folder-thingy and had them sorted by month. When I was only getting one paper, this worked ok but I often found I would overlook coupons I had had for several months and forgot about.

My new coupon binder was assembled at the beginning of this month. It is just a 3 ring binder with pocket inserts. I sorted all of my coupons on the floor and typed up what categories they fell under and then made a few extra labels for coupons I didn't have, but sometimes receive. Amazon has a good deal on coupon sleeves! But you need to hurry! You never know how long their prices will last!

When I put my coupons in my binder, I am a little OCD about their order. Most people put them in order of expiration date. I put them in order of best value (for like products) for the products I am most likely to use, by expiration date. EX: Yoplait has several coupons out right now. $1/10, $.40/6, and $.50/8. I am most likely to use the $1/10 coupons first so I put all of those in order of expiraction date, then the $.40/6 by expiration, and so on. 

I try and take my coupon binder to the store with me every time I go. Sometimes I regret not taking it. Like today... when Trident gum was on clearance at Target and I left my coupon binder in the car. It may have been a good thing, though. I have 4 packs of gum at home already!

When I plan a shopping trip, I clip all of those coupons together and put them in a front pocket in my binder by store. I haven't made a label for my stores yet, but it is in the works. That way, I know I will be using coupon "X" at store "A" later on in the week so I don't accidentally use it somewhere else or misplace it!

Other things I keep in my coupon binder:

*Store ads when I want to price match at Wal-Mart.
*Pair of scissors.
*Lined paper so I can write out my shopping trips.

Albertson's 10/31-1/2

This is the most comprehensive Alberston's list that I have found thus far for this week. When I find more that I find helpful, I will edit this post with links to them. The deals that have a red star next to them mean they are a really good deal.

Fabulously Frugal Double Deals:
The Krazy Coupon Lady's Double Deals:

If I wasn't trying so hard to be good, I would be stocking up on Oreo's right now!! I probably will be going for the Campbell's soup, too! (Unfortunately, I will probably not get these because I wou't make it to the store until Monday and they usually sell out on Sunday with the amazing deals. More to post on that later.)

Shopping at Albertson's

For those that live with an Albertson's near, they often put out Twice the Value coupons. These are also called "doublers." Essentially, they double your coupon up to $1.00. (So any coupon $1.01+ cannot be doubled.) I signed up for the five Sunday Newspaper Deal, suggested by Fabulessly Frugal, because of these coupons. In one week, I can save up to $15 extra dollars on top of my coupons. (3 doublers x 5 papers) Assuming I use 15 $1 coupons, that is a savings of $30 in one week! Awesome, huh?

Using these at Albertson's takes some practice. The company policy is that you can use 3 doublers in one transaction, but you can do 3 transactions in a row before you are required to get back in line. You can repeat this as many times as you have coupons for! :) Or, the Walmart on Overland and Fairview in Boise will honor these doublers. (Apparently this is a regional decision, not a company wide policy.) They will allow you to use as many doublers as you would like in one transaction. Typically, I can find better deals and get more overage with my coupons at Walmart. However...

I try to make it a point to use at least some of my doublers at Albertson's. Fabulously Frugal made a great point about The Hand that Feeds You found here. Your choice. Up to you. As for me and my money, we shop at both! :)

Check the store that replaced Albies, Market Fresh, (I think.) They tend to run similar deals. While they lack the doublers, they often have great deals as well that you can use your coupons with!

Coupon Database

If there is a specific product I need that I know there are sometimes I coupon for, I always check the online printable database. I have found many obscure product coupons on here. My favorite is the first on the list. I think it is the most user friendly. I always come here to see if there are Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners! (Best deal at Walmart!)

Another place to look while shopping at retail stores and restaurants:
*I have found that sometimes it is easier to Google "Office Depot coupons" and then find the Retail Me Not link. Just FYI.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Candy

From The Krazy Coupon Lady

Get the "Good Stuff" Halloween candy! Walgreens has candy on sale for $.49 after coupons through tomorrow. Follow the link above. *Note: Walgreens usually has an ad in the store that you can take the coupons from. The other coupons are located online at and can be printed twice from your computer.

Plan for this Blog

My name is Stephanie and I am addicted to coupons. I love waking up Sunday morning to my five papers packed with money saving coupons. However, if I was left to myself to figure out how to best use them to my advantage, I would fail miserably. I have a few websites that help me out along the way. I wish I could track these people down and give them a hug. Ok, so that would be creepy, but so far they have saved me almost $400 in just a few months. I am excited to see my savings over the course of one year.

I subscribe to The Krazy Coupon Lady, Fabulously Frugal, and Freebies 2 Deals. There are many, many more sites like these out there as well. Perhaps if this blog is a success, I will look into following more. Anyway, I follow these on Google Reader and Facebook. I sometimes get overwhelmed with the large amount of deals that come through my newsfeed. I am hoping that I can pick out some of the best deals that I find and share them with you. Most of my posts will probably be a direct copy paste and/or link to their websites.

Couponing can be a lot of fun, but it can also be stressful when you first start out. The websites often use lingo that has to be learned. For example, if I wrote "Dove SS 10/30 BOGO", most of you would have no idea what that means. (It means the Dove product from the Smart Source insert on 10/30 is "Buy one, get one" in case you were wondering.) I hope over the next few posts I can teach you how to start saving money with little hassle!

Now, I will caution you with this: I may not always post the items you are looking for. They say one of the best ways to save money through couponing is by getting rid of brand allegiances. However, I am pretty dedicated to several brands and I coupon as such. There may be free Tide somewhere, but if I don't use it, I will skip over that deal. I will try to be a little more open minded while posting to this blog. However, I would check these sites (buttons with links found on the side) frequently and catch the deals I miss!

If you already coupon and want to help contribute to this blog, I would love the help! I am not always the best at being original and coming up with my own deals. If you have any questions or anything you would like me to address, please feel free to leave comments! Share this blog with your friends!

Happy Clipping!