Monday, October 31, 2011

Milk and Cheese Coupons

I never leave the house without my milk and cheese coupons! These can be found on The milk and cheese coupons are only valid in UT and ID. These coupons can be printed twice per month from each computer. We have two computers that we print from so I receive 4 milk coupons in a month. (I usually print two at the beginning of the month and two at the middle of the month as they are good for two weeks after printing.) Got a computer at work that you are allowed to print from? :)

Think of the savings of just the milk coupon. If the coupon is posted on every month (which so far they have been) and you are able to print 4/month... 4 x .75 = $3/month x 12 months = $36 in savings!

PS-Look for sales on cheese to use this coupon. I have also found Winco's Medium Cheddar Cheese is the best everyday price. I am not 100% sure, but I think you can buy a lb on one type and a lb of another. I would ask an employee or cashier to be sure.

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