Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Doubles List 10/31 *UPDATED

This is roughly what my shopping trip is going to look like tomorrow. I understand that not everyone who reads this blog receives doublers... but I'll try to point out the good deals without them, too.

I am going to be taking my doublers to Walmart this week. I the Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup is the only thing at Albertson's that I would look at getting, but I can get a better deal at Walmart because of the special deal going on at Fred Meyer. I have 15 doublers so I will list how I am using each one.

Walmart Double's List:

1-4. Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup.
I am going to Price Match (PM) Fred Meyer's deal from their ad. They have them on sale for $.99 with a save $5 when you buy 10 items, which makes them $.49 a can. I will then use 4 $1/5 from and double them. If I did my math right, I will be paying $.19 $.09 a can!! Woot! (I think the cashier messed it up so I ended up paying a little more, but I can't complain!)

*Our Walmart has these on Roll Back to $.60. With the $1/5 coupon, it makes them 5 cans for $2. 
*Smith's in Utah has their Cream of Chicken Soup 10/$10. Using two coupons off the website, this makes them $.80/can. Not the best deal, but certainly cheaper than normal!

5-8. Dawn Dish Soap
Walgreens has Dawn 9.0oz on sale for $.99. Today's PG insert had $.50 coupon that I will double to get 4 9.0oz bottles of dish soap free!

*Without doubles, this is still 50% off! So snatch this at Walmart or Walgreens!
Other couponers beat me to this one! Darn. Oh well!

I used a doubler on $1/1 U Kotex (check online database) for their small pack of liners; $1.24. So I made +$.66
I also bought 2 boxes of muffin mix. They weren't a great price ($1.50/box after coupons), but I have been craving a good lemon poppy seed muffin!

9-10. Bar S Hotdogs

$.89/pkg. I ended up paying $.53 for 4 pkgs.

*I am not sure what the actual price on this is going to be, but I know Walmart has Bar S for the lowest price. So, that is the place to use your $.75/2 coupon. It would make 4 pkgs about $2. This coupon was found in last week's inserts.

11. $1/10 Yoplait Yogurt
Yoplait is $.50/cup compared to $.70 at FM or Albies. With a double, I will be paying $.30 a cup, or 10 for $3. This coupon was in the paper a few weeks ago (will look up later) and also on

*$1/10 is a high value coupon without a double! You just have to know where to go to get the best regualr price to make it "worth more."

12. Bic Pens
"like" Bic on FB and get a $1/1 coupon. Bic Crystal Pens 10pk is $.97 at Walmart. Yes, that means with a double Walmart will be paying me $1.03 to take these pens home. ;)

I actually got a white out pen because already have a ton of pens at home!  It was $1.68, $.68 w/coupon, +$.32 with doubler

*Good deal with overage without double

13. Pam Cooking Spray
Not sure of price, but I need some so I might as well double the $.50 off coupon I printed out last month before it expires!

$1.44 after doubler

14.-15. Unknown?!?
I haven't assigned coupons to these doublers yet. I usually have a few coupons tucked in the front pocket of my binder that I will compare prices when I get there. I always have my $1 off Crest toothpaste coupons tucked in there to double because they make for less than $.50 tubes of toothpaste if nothing else! (And they are great to donate!)  Things in my pocket today: IAMS cat food, Always Infinity (can usually get below $2/box!), New Land 'O Lakes quick ham rolls coupon (found today, want to price out)

**I actually didn't use these two!**

Other Coupons to Use at Walmart:
$8/2 Covergirl (I really don't need any more make up so if you are the first to comment on this post, I will send you free cover girl face make up!  Bonus: Let me know what you want before tomorrow!)
$1/1 UP2U gum x3. Reg $1.48 $1.28
Free Dr. Pepper Coupon from SS 10/9 (Thank, mom for the coupons!)
$2 off ANY tide, including trial size. I will try this at Walmart! (Found at bottom of post) Good for a $1.03 money maker!  Why this may not work for you.

Today's total before normal grocery shopping:

Total: $15.42
Amount Saved: $51.60

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  1. Sure, I will take free make-up :) This is a fun makes me think I should be better with my coupons. Thanks for the inspiration!