Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shopping at Albertson's

For those that live with an Albertson's near, they often put out Twice the Value coupons. These are also called "doublers." Essentially, they double your coupon up to $1.00. (So any coupon $1.01+ cannot be doubled.) I signed up for the five Sunday Newspaper Deal, suggested by Fabulessly Frugal, because of these coupons. In one week, I can save up to $15 extra dollars on top of my coupons. (3 doublers x 5 papers) Assuming I use 15 $1 coupons, that is a savings of $30 in one week! Awesome, huh?

Using these at Albertson's takes some practice. The company policy is that you can use 3 doublers in one transaction, but you can do 3 transactions in a row before you are required to get back in line. You can repeat this as many times as you have coupons for! :) Or, the Walmart on Overland and Fairview in Boise will honor these doublers. (Apparently this is a regional decision, not a company wide policy.) They will allow you to use as many doublers as you would like in one transaction. Typically, I can find better deals and get more overage with my coupons at Walmart. However...

I try to make it a point to use at least some of my doublers at Albertson's. Fabulously Frugal made a great point about The Hand that Feeds You found here. Your choice. Up to you. As for me and my money, we shop at both! :)

Check the store that replaced Albies, Market Fresh, (I think.) They tend to run similar deals. While they lack the doublers, they often have great deals as well that you can use your coupons with!

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