Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Savings Spreadsheet

I was curious how much money I was saving by using coupons. I had BJ cook up this amazing Excel file to track my savings. I have found that tracking my savings has encouraged me to want to save more. I even had him put in two columns that showed coupons that I used from the newspaper to see if using coupons would more than pay for my newspaper subscription. It has. By a lot. And it's only been 3 months.

I have put together a sample of my spreadsheet and how I use it. If you are good with Excel and can figure thigns out, you may want to just jump to the bottom of this post. If you still can't figure it out, come back and read this.

Click here :Coupon Savings Example

Line 2: Doubler Transaction

Simply put, I bought 5 cans at .60 a piece and I had a $1/5 coupon. Insert "=1/5" or ".2" in the coupon column, not $1. The savings in the columns is for each individual item. So, $1/5=$.20/can. This was a coupon I printed off the internet so that is where I put it. Since I doubled it, I put an "x" in the doubler column. Then shows final price, savings, and %.

Line 3:  2 Types of Coupons

Rite Aid had Dove Shampoo on sale for 2/$7 so I put this sale price in as a store coupon to begin. I then saw on the shelf that they were $4.99 regularly so I put that in as the regular price. I had a BOGO coupon, which would save me $3.50 on one (or $1.75 on two) and it was from the newspaper so I put it in the coupon insert column. I then had an Up Rewards Video coupon (off the internet) and that saved me more. Bada-bing, the spreadsheet works its magic.

Line 4:  Catalina

Pretty self explanatory. Received a $1 catalina from Albertson's and used it on a non-sale item.

Line 5: Store Coupon, Manufacture Coupon, and doubler

Entered regular price of pizza at that store (because that is what I would have paid there), priced matched it to another store for $4 and entered as store coupon, used $1 internet coupon and doubled.

Line 6 and 7: Kohl's coupons

This one was tricky. I had bought these 4 items and used 2 $10 off coupons but I couldn't just enter it in. So I got creative. Two items were normally $19.99 but were on clearance... and then took off the 1st $10 coupon to make my store coupon make them $2.99. Same for second. Then I combined the two together to get my final price of $4.22. It helped that I had my receipt handy so if the numbers didn't work out I could move them some more. Probably too complicated for most people to bother with.

Line 8: Negative Balance

Any number in (  ) is overage... Or money the store paid me to buy the item! :) Great way to keep track of free items!

For your personal use!! Share it with your friends!

Click to download here: Coupon Savings Spreadsheet

******After opening the link, click on the Download Original button to save it to your computer. Do not modify on Google Docs unless that is how you plan on using it!******

Totals from my personal spreadsheet:

Total saved just from newspaper subscription:
All sales and coupons:

I include coupons stuck to the front of the paper (like from Kohl's), restaurant, craft store, and coupons found in the Parade, etc as newspaper coupons. I wouldn't have them without the paper. (But this only includes Kohl's coupons so far ontop of coupon inserts!)

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