Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sorting Through Sales

Just because it is on sale or on a promotion doesn't mean it is a great price. For example, take a look at a snippet from this week's Smith's ad:
I have told you about the chili, soup, and butter deal and how coupons make this deal even better. This means everything on the promotion is a good deal, right? Not necessarily. Take the cereal in the corner for example. Even with a Kellogg's coupon, this is not a very good deal. The store wants you to think, "Hmm... I'm here and I need cereal so I will buy the one that is on the buy ten promotion because that has to be a good deal." This particular cereal goes on sale frequently for around $2. Or, there may be a promotion for another type of cereal that is actually less expensive than the advertised promotion.

Alright, Stephanie. So how do I know which deals are good and which ones aren't? Honestly, the best advice I can give is to pay attention to the price of items you frequently buy. I keep a mental note of what a "good price" is. During the summer I bought a lot of chili without coupons and I knew it was $1.50+ per can. When I saw it on sale for $.99, I knew that was a better price and that I should stock up on a few more cans. Then, when I saw the coupons to go along with it, I knew I had better really stock up! For another example, I will not pay more than $1.00/box on cereal because I know I can always get it for that price. I may have to wait awhile, but there will always be a cereal promotion.

Retail and spending in general is all about what you are willing to pay. You have to decide what that amount is.

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