Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chocolate Pudding Cookies


1 3/4 C Brown Sugar
2 1/2 sticks butter
2 reg. boxes chocolate pudding (or about two cups)

3 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
1 3/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
3-4 cups flour
1 pkg (2 c) chocolate chips

Combine the first three ingredients. Add the remaining ingredients except chocolate chips. The dough will be a little bit thicker than traditional cookie dough, but not by too much. I find I use closer to 3 cups of flour than 4. But it depends on the day. Add chocolate chips.

Grease pan (or use a Silpat... I love mine!)
Bake at 325 for 8-12 minutes.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Coupon Trip 12/17


Huggies Diaper Wipes x2
Used this $1/1 coupon and doublers

Oreo Cookies x2
Used $.50/1 NLA and doublers
=$2.49 each

Dole Pineapple x 9
Used $1/3 Dole Fruit items and doublers

Krusteze Cookie Mix x4
Used $1/1 and on and doubler

Reach Floss x 4
Used $1/1 from
=$.03 money maker each

Playtex Bottles x4
Playtex Binkies x4
Used Buy 1 Playtex bottle, get 2pkg binkies free up to $6.99
Makes each bottle/binkie pair $3.49 each!

Krave Cereal
Used $1.50 from Kelloggs rewards program

Total Spent: $22.89
Total Saved: $53.36


Welch's Essentials Grape Juice Blends x6
Reg  $3.89
Sale 2/$4
Used $1/2 from RP 12/02 and doulbers
=$1 each

total Spent: $6.54
Total Saved: $17.34

Monday, December 3, 2012

Challenger Butter $1 @ Fred Meyer!

Fred Meyer:

Fabulessly Frugal's List

I will be stocking up on Challenger Butter for  $1 with in-ad coupon and manufacture coupon.
Print the coupon here.

Kroger Spices are 50% off... there are a few I need to pick up!

Chex Cereal! Woot!

I love Chex cereal... and it never stays in our house long enough. So... I bought 25 boxes today. Hehe. This is the time of year Chex goes on sale so I thought I would stock up. We almost have an entire box gone already!



Dole Pineapple x3
Reg. $2.29
Sale 4/$4

Used $1/3 from + doubler


Chex x5
Reg. $4.39
Sale $2.88
GM Promotion - Buy 5 Save $5
Used 2 $1/2 Chex cereal SS 12/2 + 2 doublers
(makes 4 boxes @$.88, 1 @$1.88)

=$5.40 for 5 boxes

1 Dozen Brown Eggs
Used Free dozen egg coupon from last purchase

T1: $6.97


Chex x5
Reg. $4.39
Sale $2.88
GM Promotion - Buy 5 Save $5
Used 2 $1/2 Chex cereal SS 12/2 + 2 doublers
(makes 4 boxes @$.88, 1 @$1.88)

=$5.40 for 5 boxes

Libby's Canned Veggies
Reg. 1.69
Sale $.75
Used $1/4 from SS ? (also on + doubler

T2 Total: $6.97


Chex x5
Reg. $4.39
Sale $2.88
GM Promotion - Buy 5 Save $5
Used 2 $1/2 Chex cereal SS 12/2 + 2 doublers
(makes 4 boxes @$.88, 1 @$1.88)

=$5.40 for 5 boxes

Libby's Canned Veggies
Reg. 1.69
Sale $.75
Used $1/4 from SS ? (also on + doubler

T3 Total: $6.97


Chex x5
Reg. $4.39
Sale $2.88
GM Promotion - Buy 5 Save $5
Used 2 $1/2 Chex cereal SS 12/2 + 2 doublers
(makes 4 boxes @$.88, 1 @$1.88)

=$5.40 for 5 boxes

(I took my hubby with me and he thought there was only one brand of milk at each store... so he didn't even bother looking at the price... and happened to grab the most expensive brand. Oh well...)
$.75/1 gallon milk (UT & ID only) + doubler

T4 Total: $8.11


Chex x5
Reg. $4.39
Sale $2.88
GM Promotion - Buy 5 Save $5
Used 1 $1/2 Chex cereal SS 12/2 and $1/3+ 2 doublers


$.75/1 gallon milk (UT & ID only) + doubler

Sale $.99
Used Free 2L soda coupon that printed with T1

Used $2 1 chips or pretzel coupon from previous trip

Used Save 5% off next shopping trip coupon from previous trip

T5 Total: $7.84

Total Spent: $36.86
Total Saved: $110.82

Monday, November 26, 2012

Stampin' Up!

I am not planning on throwing any parties unless someone specifically asks me to... But if you already order online and don't have a demonstrator - or you are wanting to order - I can help you out!

Basic info for Stampin Up!:

  • There are rewards and benefits to throwing a party. You can earn free product.
  • Find product on the Stampin Up! website.
  • Orders can be called in to me, dropped off at my house, or done online.
  • Shipping is $6.99 from $1-$69. Going in on an order with a friend can be advantageous.
  • Orders that I put in will be shipped to me and I will distribute the product to you. :)

Using Stampin Up!'s website:

 *Select "find a demonstrator" at to of home page*

*add my info into the demonstrator directory*

*Create your own account to order online*

*Regular price is how much it is to buy through website. 
Preferred price is price you get through demonstrator.*

Monday, November 19, 2012

Shop With Me! 11/19

Fred Meyer

Peach Fresca x3
Minute Maid Lemonade Lite x1

In-ad coupon 4 for $11
$2.75 each
Plus used a $1/3 Coke Products peelie

=$10/4 boxes

Marie Calendar Dutch Apple Pie

In-ad coupon $3.99
Used $.75/1 from SS insert


Total Spent: $14.14
Total Saved: $11.67


10 Powerade
Buy 10 at $1, Save $5.
=$.50 each

(and bananas)
Used "Save 5% on next purchase" from previous trip
Received $2 off your next trip

T1= 5.19

6 Rhodes Warm and Serve Rolls (various)
$2.49 -buy 10 products, save $5
Final price $1.99
Used Save $1/2 Rhodes rolls and doublers (x3)

4 Powerade
$.50 after buy 10 promo

Used $2 from T1

T2= 6.48

Total Spent: $11.67
Total Saved: $29.22

Received catalina for free dozen eggs (max value $3.59), $2 off next chip or pretzel purchase, $1.50 off next purchase of $15+, $1.50 off fresh meat purchase $10 or more (probably won't use the last two - let me know if you are interested!)


Stouffers single entree x2
Reg $2.28
Used $1/2 + doubler
=$1.28 each

Poptarts x3
Used $1/3 + doubler

White Grape Juice Blend
Used $.75/1 from NLA +doubler

Oreos x2
Used $.50/1 +Doubler
=$1.98/ pkg

Hormel Can Chicken x6
Used 3 $1/2 from SS + doubler
=$1.28 each

Dole Pinapple x12
Used $1/3 from +doubler

Stouffers meal
Used $1.50/1

Total: $27.99
Saved: $22.90

Total Spent: $53.80
Total Saved: $63.79

Monday, November 12, 2012

Free Kindle Christmas Book

Twas the Night Before Christmas Free Kindle edition!

Walmart 11/12

Some of these deals are worth looking into even if you don't get Twice the Value Coupons!

Here is how I used my doubles this week:

Armour Pepperoni X2
Used $1/2 from + doubler
=2 for $1.56

Stove Top Stuffing X2
Used $1/2 from + doubler
=2 for $.50

Velveeta Shells and Cheese X2
Used $1/2 from + doubler
=2 for $1.96

Oreo Cookies X2
Used $.50/1 from +doubler
= 2 for $3.96
....Not a great deal, but its a pregnancy thing. ;)

Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners X4
Used $1/1 from Reynolds Website (click here) + doubler
=$.16 Money maker on 4. (may only get free, depends on cashier)

*Great to print and use even without doubler!

Barilla Microwave Meals X4
Used $1/1 from +doubler
= 4 for $2

Tums 50 count Freshers X2
Used $1/1 from + doubler
= 2 for $3.76
...another pregnancy thing. Can't stand the chalky antacids.

Playtex Bottles X2
Playtex Binkies X2
Buy 1 Playtex bottle, get 1 2pkg binkie free up to $6.99 from
***Both times I tried this, the register takes $6.99 off regardless of the price of the binkies.***
So I paid $6.44 for two bottles and 4 binkies.

Total Spent: $22.90
Total Saved: $41.98

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Amazon Mom

I signed up for an Amazon Mom 3-Month FREE trial today... for two reasons.

1) Free Shipping Over the Holidays

  • I hope to do a lot of shopping online and I hate paying for shipping.

2) $10 off Diapers Promotion

  • For signing up, (limited time only) you get $10 off select diapers. I noticed the diaper deals on Fabulously Frugal and wondered if I could couple this with any of the deals listed. Well, I could. And after using my $5 gift card from Swagbucks (that may I add I did nothing but search the internet for), I got 258 diapers for $19. That is only $.07/ diaper. The deal without the gift card would be $.09/diaper.

Benefits of Amazon Mom:
  • Free 2 Day Shipping on ALL Amazon Prime products, not just diapers.
  • Automatically Save %15 on diapers and wipes
    • Pair this with coupons, and there is always a good deal to be found.
  • Paid version after trial gets you all the benefits of Amazon Instant Video. (Like Netflix)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Shopping 11/5/12

Wow. I did AWESOME!

Here is my shopping trip from today:


Stove Top Stuffing
Reg $2.99
Sale $1
Used $1/2 from plus doubler

(I would have bought more but my printer ran out of ink as I was printing these and so I had 3 coupons without barcodes. It stunk! I could have gotten 8 free boxes!)


Huggies 216 ct wipes
Reg. $8.29
Sale $5.99
Used $2 coupon from in store November Savings Booklet and $.50 peelie

=$3.85 or $.017 per wipe!

And... I got a free photo collage from a promotion last week


Reg. $7.99
Huge selection of spices 50% off
Sale $3.99

Hamburger 80/20
Reg. $3.79
Sale $2.79/lb
bought 2 3lb rolls
=$8.37 each 3lb roll

*Not a super deal, but I needed fresh hamburger for meatloaf this week

All Laundry Detergent 33 loads
Reg. $4.99
In ad coupon 2/$6
Used $3/2 from facebook offer
=$1.50 each

Sugar 4 lbs
Reg. ?
In ad coupon $1.99 limit 1
Used $.50/1 C&H product 2lb+ from RP 11/4

(Will go back for more later this week!)


Cool Whip
Reg. $.97
Used 2 $1/2 from + doubler
= 4 FREE

Craft Bond Glue sticks
Reg. 2.50
Used $1/2 from + doubler
=$1.50 each

Crest Toothpaste
Reg. $1.96
Used 2 $.75/1 4.0oz+ from toothpaste box + doubler
=$.46 each

Valveeta Shells and Cheese
Reg. $1.98
Used 2 $1/2 from +doublers
=$.98 each (4 boxes)

EZ Mac
Reg. $3.72
Used $1/2 from +doubler
=$2.72 each
*not a great deal but I love these! Perfect for after school snack

Kraft shredded Cheese
Mozzerella and Pizza Blend
Reg. $2.52
Used 2 $1/2 from + doublers
=$1.52 each

Bar S Jumbo 1lb hotdogs pk
Reg. $1.08
Used 2 $.75/2 from + doublers
=$.33 each, $1.32 for 4 pkgs.

Bought 2 Playtex 10oz baby bottles $4.47
Used Buy 1 Playtex bottle, get 2pk binkies free up to $6.99
Binkies reg. $5.47
BUT the register took $6.99 off the binkies
So, I paid $5.90 for 2 bottles and 4 binkies! Sweet!

Total Spent: $64.40 
Total Saved: $70.15

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Store Loyalty Progrmas and Email Lists

Some people can't stand using a store rewards card. And heaven forbid you receive emails from yet another company/person. 

But for me, I find some of my best deals from using loyalty programs and emails. If you don't want to be bored with my latest loyalty card story, here are the main points of why I love these programs and tips for using them.
  • Some products can only be bought at the sale price if you are a loyalty member. 
    • Most grocery stores like Albertson's and Fred Meyer have these. Some may argue it's stupid or its just cooperate's way of spying on you, if it gets me the sale price, AWESOME. Your other option is to go to Walmart. (Which I have no problem doing...)
  • Emails are easily deleted. Worried about your information? Most major retailers are very careful with your email address. Still worried? See next point.
  • Create a separate email for receiving money saving deals. 
    • If you use gmail, you don't even have to put your full name so if you send emails or insert info on a website, you don't have to use your real identity.
  • Glance through emails before deleting.
    • The best deals may not be the subject of the email...
  • Read fine print on deal information. 
    • You never know when you can print multiple coupons!

Here is my most recent experience from PetSmart:

First off, my husband had been reminding me to buy cat litter for a few days... But I just can't bring myself to pay full price for litter. Seriously. I love my cats, but their bathroom habits are expensive. 

After a few days of his hounding, I received an email with the subject line "This Weekend Only! Save up to $10 with the enclosed coupon." Normally, it would be for some product I would never use and it would be easy to delete. But I decided to check. There were three coupons enclosed in the email, the $10 off being $10 off $40. Well, boo, right? Until I looked at the online ad (linked through the email) and saw that with my PetPerks card, cat litter was on sale... $2 off the regular price. Not usually enough to make me run in, but at least it was a deal. 

I read the fine print. I could print and use two of these coupons. Sweet.

After I crunched some numbers, this is what I found out. If I bought 3 42lb bags of litter, it would put me over the $40 mark to get my $10 off. Combine that with the sale, and it was like buy 2, get 1 free. It also was cheaper per lb than most sale prices I had found. I bought three bags. 

I crunched the numbers in my spreadsheet after I got home and saw what a good deal it was. So I went back the next day to get more. Well, I had nearly cleared the shelf the day before... So I got a bag and the next thing cats go through like mad. Cat food. Which -TA-DA- was on sale too! 

So, lesson learned. Check your emails. Join programs like PetPerks. It took 10 seconds to look through the email to save a total of $39!

Huggies Wipes, Under 2 cents per wipe!

I know there are a lot of moms and moms to be out there right now. Here is an awesome deal on wipes I picked up today at Walgreen's:

216 Count  Huggies Wipes
Reg. $8.29
Sale $5.99
Use $2 Huggies Wipes form November coupon book found in-store
Used $.50 peelie on package

Paid $3.85 out of pocket
Saved $4.80

You will need to sign up for a Balance Rewards card to use at Walgreens, but it's FREE and worth it!

*Walgreens usually requires a filler item if you are using more than one coupon. It wasn't an issue today when I checked out, but if you don't want to use a filler item (cheap item), then pass on the peelie. It is still a good deal!

Original Post Here

Fred Meyer Trip 11/1

Hoping this will be enough to help me with the Sweepstakes!

Transaction 1
Reach Toothbrush - 4
Reg. $2.39
Sale: $1.99
Used 2 $2/2 Reach toothbrushes

$3.96 for 4 toothbrushes, $.99each

Saved $5.60

Received $4 Catalina
(like getting toothbrushes free!)

Used $1 left over catalina from pasta

Total Spent T1: $3.44
Total Saved T1: $6.60

Transaction 2
All Laundry Detergent – 2 50oz bottles
Reg. $4.99
Sale: 2/$7
Used 1 $3/2 All Laundry Detergent (FB offer)

$4 for 2 bottles, $2 each

Saved $5.98

Campbell’s Cream of Chicken Soup – 4 cans
Reg. Unknown, about $1, will say $.79 sale price
Sale: $.59 after in-store coupon
Used $1/4 Great for Cooking Soups

$1.36 for 4 cans; $.34 each

Saved $1.80

Used $4 Catalina from T1

Total Spent T2: $1.92
Total Saved T2: $11.78

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Walmart Doubles Trip

Oh my hannah, I spent too much on candy!

Yoplait Yogurt
$.50 ea x6
Used $.40/6 and doubler
=$.37/ cup, $2.20 for 6

Tident Gum
$.96 ea x 6
Used $1/3 and doubler
=$.33 each, $1.80 for 6

$2.98 x3
Used $1 peelie on bread (look on bottom shelf Mer. Walmart) and doubler
=$.98/loaf, $2.94 for 3

Challenger Butter
$3.28 x2
Used $.55/1 and doubler
=$2.18/lb or $4.36 for 2

Used $1/2 and doubler

And I'm not going to confess to how much I bought exactly.... haha. But my kindergarten and 3rd grade classes will be enjoying a treat from me tomorrow!

Total Spent:$32.78
Total Saved: $22.96

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fred Meyer Trip

I took your advice... and bought the diapers. Hope it will help me in the Fred Meyer Sweepstakes!

Transaction 1

Huggies Size 3 Diapers 86 count
Reg. $19.99
Sale: $18.99
Used $1/1 Huggies Diaper

Saved $2

Huggies Wipes
Reg. $2.44
Used $.35/1 Huggies Wipes

Saved $.40

Received $5 Catalina for spending $20 on Huggies products

(I counted this as $5 off the diaper price on my savings spread sheat… so, I am counting the diapers as $12.99 making the diapers $.15/each)

Total Spent T1: $21.32
Total Saved T1: $2.40

Transaction 2

All Laundry Detergent – 4 50oz bottles
Reg. $4.99
Sale: 2/$7
Used 2 $3/2 All Laundry Detergent (FB offer)

$8 for 4 bottles, $2 each

Saved $11.96

Used $5 Catalina from T1

Total Spent T1: $3.54
Total Saved T1: $16.96

Total Spent: $24.86
Total Saved: $19.36

And while this doesn't help any of my readers, here is what I got last week for $19.34:

4 Banquet Meals
8 Progresso Soup
8 Barilla Pasta ($.04/box!)
1 Yummy Roast at $2.44/lb due to price cuts!

Mega Blocks Deal $10 at Walmart

I saw this post from Freebies 2 Deals and couldn't help but buy my little guy his first toy. :)

Mega Blocks 100 Block Maxi Set is on sale for $10 online at I looked these up on Amazon and they are selling for $30+. So, I figured, what they hey.

Choose in store shipping to get shipping for free!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

DIY Mario Mushroom Pillow Pattern

Mario 1 Up and Super Mushroom Pattern

Pattern: Self-made patter found HERE

I will show pictures from both. I modified the 1-Up mushroom a tad because I couldn't find any green fabric with polka-dots on it that wasn't too "baby."
  • Cut pattern. Pin top of mushroom on the fold of fabric. Cut two.

  • Cut two mushroom "faces."

  •  I used fleece for the white spots on the 1-up. This will give it some texture and also won't fray. I didn't take the time to tuck the sides under.  I used a can to cut my circles.

  •  If placing on dots, sew before placing together.

  •  I used a really small seam allowance. 

I decided after it looked better with more dots. DO THIS BEFORE you sew the two pieces together. So much easier... as I found out the hard way!

  • Next, place the face on the mushroom top, right sides together. I lined them up one on top of the other to make sure they would like up when I sew them together. 

  • I used a 1/4" seam allowance here.

  •  Fold down and press.

  •  Pin right sides together.

  •  Sew around the edges, 1/4-1/2" seam allowance. Doesn't matter. I used 1/2" to be safe. Leave pocket at the bottom to turn right-side out and stuff.

  •  Turn out. Corners of mushroom may pucker a bit, I used a few hand stitches to get rid of this.

  •  Stuff.

  •  I didn't have the patience to blind stitch  these, but would make it look more finished. I think they look fine just sewn. 

  •  Ta-da!

  •  Draw on the eyes. I think it looks better drawn on than sewn.

Check out the Star Pillow HERE.

DIY Mario Power Star Pillow

Mario Power Star Pillow

Pattern: Self-made pattern found HERE
  • Cut out pattern and tape the two parts of the star together.
  • Place on fold on yellow fabric, cut two stars.

  • I cut out two eyes from black jean fabric. Pin to one star, sew.

  • I do not have specific seam allowance, and I used white thread because my black was all gone :(

  •  Place two stars right-sides together. (The pattern isn't 100% perfect so there was one way that the stars fit together the best.)

  • Sew with a 1/2" seam. When you get to a vertex, place needle down in fabric, lift presser foot, turn fabric, drop foot, resume sewing. 

  • Make sure to leave a gap in the bottom to turn right-side out and to insert stuffing.

  • Turn right side out.

  •  Use scissors to make the points pop out.

  •  Get ready to stuff!

  •  Make sure to stuff the corners well. It is hard to get stuffing in the corners after it is sewn up. I found my finger worked better than the scissors. Place enough stuffing in the star to allow it to settle once sewn shut.

  •  Pin the bottom on the star

  • Ta-da!
See my 1 Up Mushrooms and Super Mushrooms HERE.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Shopping Trip to Walmart

Here is what I did with my doublers at Wal-Mart today.

Hormel Chili No Beans
$1/2 doubled

$1 peelie on bread doubled

$1/8 NLA and doublers

$1/3 and doublers

$.75/1 gal and doubler
=$1.50/ gallon

Libby's Green Beans
$1/4 and doubler

Other deals:

Stouffers Meal
Use $1.50/1 from

Freschetta Pizza
Use $1.50/2 from

Can find better deals if you are patient, but I wasn't and wanted the pizza for dinner tonight :)

Total this week: $60.69
Total Saved: $35.21

New Month, New Coupons

There are new coupons today! Check out the ones I love today!

This Libby's Coupon with doublers usually means $.25 veggies! 
And who doesn't love Stouffers?

Seen better coupons, but I'm out of pizza!

Soup Season! Remember the good deals from last year? $.09/can! Hope to see it again this fall!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Deals Week of 9/17

Here is what I am looking at this week:

Fred Meyer

In-ad coupons:
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars 2/$3 (limit 2)
Fred Meyer Veggies (because I always run out) $.79 (limit 4)
Tilamook Butter 2/$4
10 lb bag potatoes $.98 (limit 2)
Friskies Cat Food 10/$4 (Plus B1G1 Free coupon on FB makes them $.20/can!)

Other Deals:
Braden Natural Cheese $3.99 for 2lb
Use $1/2lb cheese from (UT and ID only)

Other matchups from Fabulously Frugal found here.

Albertson's or Walmart

Doublers are out in Boise. I don't have a specific plan, but here are the coupons I know will be worth doubling and their  approx. final prices. I'm not sure when all these came out but THIS WEBSITE can help you find them.

Save $.50 on GM cereal bars (one of my pregnancy foods!)
WM price: $2.50
Final after x2: $1.50

Libby's Canned Vegetables $1/4
WM price: $.75
Final after x2: $.25/can

Barilla Microwave Meals $1/1
WM price $2.50 A price this week $2
final after 2x: WM $.50 A: Free
x2 @ WM

Hormel Canned Chicken Breasts
used $1/2 and x2
Final Price: $1.28

Stouffers Single Serve Entree's
Final Price??

Used $1/1 peelie and x2

Used $1/8 and x2

Priced Matched Catfood from FM
10 cans for $4

Coupon Items Total: $29.76
Total Spent (Plus other groceries and sewing notions): 59.45
Total Saved: $32.76

One final note, here's a coupon that usually makes for a good deal:

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hoping to Return

As many of you know... if anyone even reads this anymore... I am expecting and as such haven't had much energy to keep up this blog. But looking over the last few days, I am averaging 50 hits on this blog... So I am going to start it up again. Make time. :)

But tomorrow! :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Target Daily Deals

Fabulously Frugal reports on Target's daily deals today... Clearance shoes at an extra 10% off plus free shipping!

I got these for $12!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Now THAT is Couponing!

My trips today:


Lansoprazle Acid Reducer
Get $6 Register Reward

Goody Ouchless Barrettes
Get $2 RR

Coppertone Travel Size Sunscreen

I used 3 $3 RR from a few weeks ago.

T1 total: $1.27 + $8 in RR

Walgreens Allergy Relief
(gotta sleep on that plane!)

Purell Travel Size
X2  $.198

Used 2 $3 RR from a few weeks ago and $2 RR from T1

T2 Total: 1.50


Lansoprazle Acid Reducer
Get $6 Register Reward

T3 totals: $6.36 + $6 RR


Playing Cards

Travel Size contact solution

Lysol to Go

Travel size shave gel

Used 2 $6 RR from T1 and T4

T4 total: 1.20

Walgreen's Total: 10.33
Total Savings: $42.96 (includes store sale prices)


Kraft Salad Dressing x 6
Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Used 2 $1/2 coupons and doublers
= Free

Jet Puff Marshmellows
Free coupon from freezer purchase

Peanut Butter Crackers
Free coupon from freezer purchase

Sunkist 2L x2
$1/1 coupon from freezer purchase

Activia Yogurt
$1.50/1 coupon from freezer purcahse

Savings of $19.62


Kraft Salad Dressing x 2
Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Used 2 $1/2 coupons and doublers
= Free

Miracle Whip
Use 2 $.55/1 coupons and doublers
Get $1 Catalina back
(like paying $.90 each)

= $2.07ish

Oreos... for Europe
Reg. $5.99
Sale $3.99
Use Catalina from T2 and Doubler

= $2.17

Albertson's totals: $6.38
Savings: about 30.83


Couldn't find too much.

Banana Boat Sun Screen
$1/1 and doubler

$.97 each
$1/1 from yesterdays RP or SS
= $.12 in overage toward sunscreen

Total: $4.22
Saved: $6

Fred Meyer

80/20 Ground Beef
$1.99/lb in 3 lb

$5.97 each x 3


If you assume regular prices are about $3/lb, it's about a $10 savings.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Walmart Trip 5/21

Here is my shopping trip... Spent WAY too much!

Price with * includes double$r

Hormel Chili (No Beans)
Save $1 on 2 EXP 5/26 *

Brookies (Betty Crocker Brownie Cookies)
SS 5/20 $.75/2 *

Digiorno Pizza
$1/1 from SS 5/20 (I think) *

Campbell's Tomato Soup
$1/5 NLA online coupon

Pam Olive Oil Cooking Spray
$1/1 under 90210 *
=$.78 each

$.75/1 *
=$.75/gallon (AWESOME!)

Hydrosilk Razors + Bonus shave gel
$4/1 Hydro Silk

Clear Care Contact Solution
$2/1 SS 5/21

Total Spent: $81.85 (ouch!)
Saved: $46.52


U Kotex Tampons
Use $1/1 from SS 5/21
Get $3 RR

Sunday, May 20, 2012

2012 Challenge April and May (so far)

April Totals:

Total Spent: 212.76
Total Saved: $78.06

May Totals:

Total Spent: 164.52
Total Saved: 71.61

Can you tell I have been slacking????

A Great Coupon Week

We are looking at a great week in couponing!

Some Free Stuff this week!

Fred Meyer
Awesome cereal deals, soup, treats, and more!

And Doublers at Albies!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Grocery Deals 4/8

This girl is heading to Fred Meyer's this week to pick up some Frechetta and Dorito's!

$3.25 for the Frechetta with the $1.50/2 from SS 3/4
Dorito's $2 with in ad coupon

Check out the other great deals here:

Nothing super at Walgreen's, but you can score free toothbrushes.

I also checked out Rosauers this weekend. They had some great deals last week and I am excited to see what they will offer sale wise in the future. I scored $.89 potatoes and $.59 jumbo olives.  They also had some "extra" hamburger on sale for $1.99. I had to look for the special sticker (or go to the meat counter) to get it, though.  I couldn't find the Western Family cheese for $4.59, though. That would have been great with the $1/2lb coupon from!

Slow week!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A New Goal

I have found that $150 just isn't quite enough per month. Especially with meat prices the way they are. So, for the rest of the year, my goal is $200 per month. This will allow for guests, sickness, etc. This last month, March, we were both sick for awhile and my family has been here. It costs a lot more to feed 6 people than it does 2! :) So here's to the new adjustment!

Shopping 4/1

Lots of great deals at Target this week!

Fred Meyer:
Going to get me some canned veggies!

Rite Aid:
Free hair bands! no coupons!


How to Shop for Free this week:

Remember Doubles!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Doublers are Coming

Along with doublers this weekend, we are getting 5 (!!) inserts! Sweet!! This girl is excited!

Fabulosuly Frugal's Doublers list: here
Cheap eggs, milk, butter and more!

Krazy Coupon Lady's list: here
More to come... check back!

Monday, March 19, 2012

March 2012 Challenge

Goal: $150 per month

March Total Spent: $160.42
March Total Saved: $171.12

Year To Date Spent: $537.35
Year To Date Saved: $585.04

Fred Meyer Trip

I should not have gone to the store this morning... Not because I spent too much, but because it did not help me feel better. I had already called in sick this morning (good ole fevers...) but my $5/5 Kellogg's coupon expired today. I just had to go, right? Man, I am pathetic.

But here you go:

Buy 10 Items, Save $5 Promo

8 Cans Pringles
reg. $1.79
Sale $.99
$1/4 from RP 3/18

= $.74/can

1 Stouffers Party Size Lasagna
(I only bought this because my family is coming!)
Sale $10.99
Used $2/1 Stouffers RP 1/29

11 Boxes of Kellogg's Cereal
reg price unknown
Sale $1.99
Used 1 $5/5 NLA and 3 $1/2 from
= $1.49 and $1.

PLUS... I am submitting for my 4th $10 rebate. So I calculated it and I paid $3.89 for the cereal after mail in rebate!

Tillamook cheese
reg 3.something
In-ad coupon $1.25 each!

Total Spent: $34.96
Total Saved: $38.28

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shopping Deals for Week of 3/18

click on the link to see the deals list with coupon match ups. I wish I had more energy to help you out!

Target Ad Match Up
Glad it is far enough away I won't get the $1 Starburst jelly beans. THEY ARE MY FAVORITE!
There may possibly be another promotion running this week at Target. Stay tuned.

Walgreen's Ad Match Up
Free floss, toothbrushes, Neosporin, Mars Candy and more!

Fred Meyer Ad Match Up
Great deals on cheese, cereal, cake mixes, veggies and more
Will be using my last $5/5 Kellogg's coupon. Crossing my fingers it will be in stock!

Walmart Ad Match Up

Albertsons Ad Match Up

Thank you Fabulously Frugal, Krazy Coupon Lady and Freebies2Deals!

Cheap Deodorant At Walmart

I stole this picture from Fabulously Frugal:

If you found your $.75/1 Suave Deodorant in your Smart Source insert today, this is an awesome deal. Apparently there is another Suave printable coupon too. Check out Fabulously Frugals post: HERE

I am not sure if this is a valid price, but I will check next time I go!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

DIY Cat Shelves

Cat trees are expensive. Here is a DIY solution that will still allow your cats to have some fun!

1 x 8 x 10 cut into 18" pieces (4 shelves)
8 angle brackets
Staple gun and staples
24 2" all purpose wall screws
24 8x3/4 wood screws

 We had left over carpet which was perfect! 
Align one straight edge with the side of the wood. Leave a generous amount of carpet on the remaining 3 sides. Enough so you can staple it later.
 For a smooth corner, notch out the corners on the two sides not aligned with the back of the board.
 Fold the carpet over on the sides.
 It is important that the carpet is pulled tight over the front lip so it won't pucker.
 You may need two hands! :)
 This was the neatest way we could find to finish off the corners.
 Staple the sides if they are puckering and staple where the corners meet. 
 Secure on the top by stapling along the aligned edge. Repeat for other shelves.
 Use a stud finder to locate the studs in your walls. 
 Mount the brackets first. This helps to get the shelf flush against the wall. It also helps cut out meticulous measurements.
Measure how high you want your shelves off the ground. Ours were spaced 14".
 Use 2" screws to secure into studs.
Level the second bracket with the first.
 Also, remember to place your shelf on top on the brackets to make sure the brackets fit between the carpeted area. 
 (Our cats were extremely curious... and didn't like the drill much)
 The first shelf is the trickiest, but next, place the shelf on top of the brackets. Have a helper put a little pressure above the securing site. These are the wood screws. Repeat.
 Testing it out!
 These are mounted in our stairway. We had a lot of dead space.
We put in less than $30 for this. (And we got a gift card from work so it was even less out of our pocket!)

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