Monday, January 16, 2012

Spending Goals

I have been on the fence if I want to do Fabulously Frugal's Monthly Budget Challenge... and I think I am going to try it. I want to go to Europe and this is certainly one way I can save money.

So... I am going to try to only spend $150 a month on groceries and home supplies.

I am going to try to keep you up to date... and I want you to keep me going with it!

January sucks though... I had to buy TP, I was feeding 4 extra people for 4 days, and I didn't shop with a goal in mind. I am already not going to make it this month!

This month so far:

Total Spent: $146.24
Total Saved:  $82.87

(Did in spread sheet and got more accurate numbers)

Total Spent: $165.21
Total Saved: $115.46

Amount Left in Yearly Budget: $1,364.79

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