Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DIY Car Seat Cover

Nothing says saving money like doing it yourself! This fabric often goes on sale at JoAnn's for $2.50 a yard!

I think these are great baby gifts! They are really expensive to buy elsewhere! Here is my DIY walk through! Let me know if you have any questions!

Materials other than typical sewing tools:

2 1/2 yards (1 1/4 ea) fleece 
sew on (not stick on) velcro 

 Cut the fabric so it is 1 yard in length and cut off the salvage. (The fabric on the sides) Save the remnants for later.
 Place face together. I like to pin the larger layer (if your not a perfectionist like me) to the floor and then pin two layers together. For little girls, you can add ribbon or frills at this stage between the layers!

 Sew a 1/2 seam around the entire piece of fabric.  Start in the middle of one of the edges and leave a gap of at least 6 inches.
 Pull the fabric through this opening so it is right-side out.
 Tuck in the fabric from the opening, pin.
 I like to give my covers a finished look so I start and the opening and sew around with a 1/2" border so it looks finished. (See below)

 Cut 4 2"-2 1/2" strips that are 10" long.
 Put these strips right sides together and do the same steps as the main cover. 1/2" seam, leave a pocket, flip, finish.
 If you have a car seat, measure where the handles need to go. If you don't have one, like in my case, and your material is approx. 36x45, place the strips as pictured, slightly higher than the middle. This will account for the car seat being longer at the bottom than on top. 
 It will come out to be about a foot from either edge with a foot in between the outer edges of your strips.
 Pin. After sewing up my strips, it was 9" long. I pinned it at 4" and 5".
 Sew a box and then a cross. I usually will sew along the longer lines (the horizontal liens in this picture) twice to reinforce it.

  Sew on the Velcro, either by hand or by machine. Make sure you have them positioned right! (I always pin mine to makes sure before sewing!)  

And there you go!

Previous quilted car seat cover. Can be creative like this too!!

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