Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 2012 Challenge

So,  I think I know what's going to happen with my 2012 challenge...  I am going to get to the end of the month and have no money left over and then go blow the next months budget when the month turns. Today I went to Walmart to get the much needed groceries. Now, mind you this will cover the rest of this week and next week. I also bought a BUNCH of cat food that doesn't count towards my budget. What killed it this week was the great price I found on Stouffer's. I think these will be my "I don't feel like cooking" meals. I figure at $3-$5 a meal, it was worth it.

IAMS Cat food:
$4.76 2 lb bag
Used 6 $3/1 Iams, any size
=$1.76 per bag or $10.72 for 6 bags (12 lbs)

Stouffers Alfredo and Cheesy Tomato Rotini
$4.88 (on roll back)
Used $2/1 Stouffers

Stouffers Lasagna and Chicken Rice Bake
used $2/1

Medow Gold (I think) sour cream
$1.50 (on roll back)
Used $.40/1
=$1.10 (cheaper to buy name brand than Grate Value with just a $.40 coupon!!)

Used $.75/1

Other Groceries....

Total for February:
less cat food

Savings (less cat food) =$10.44
Savings (with cat food)= $28.44

YTD: $256.17
YTD Savings: $216.60

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