Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kellogg's Cereal

I think I am done buying cereal for awhile... unless I can get it for FREE... like I hope to on Monday with doublers...

But anyway, I was feeling very impulsive today and just didn't know if there would be a better sale on Kellogg's cereal. So, here is the damages:

Fred Meyer:
They have select brands of cereal for 50% off. I got the Raisin Bran because I can submit for a $10 rebate from Kellogg's. They were on sale for $2.24, normally $4.49/box. This is the large Value Size box. So after using my $5/5 coupon, my total came to $15.54 (that included a loaf of bread) or $1.24/box. After I submit for my rebate, I will have paid $.24/box! Sweet! Can't beat that!

They had Rice Crispies on sale for 2/$5. Not a great price, but about equal to FM. So, I bought 5 boxes of the regular RC and I wanted to try the Gluten Free Whole Wheat RC. Total $16.60 or $1.50/box+tax. After rebate, these will be $.50/box! Sweet!

**Now... to cut all those UPC's today... shoot. I already put these away. Oops.**

But, unfortunately, this put me over my budget by $4. Yikes. I have enough bread, milk, and the basics to last me. Any doublers I use this weekend will be for free items only!

**Albies has select GM cereal for $1.75. I happen to have several coupons for $1 Peanut Butter MultiGrain Cheerios... and this is one of the participating items. I will let you know if I get this and how it tastes! :) I also plan on buying a little bit more pasta at Walmart.**

Today's Total: $32.04
Today's Savings: $65.30

February Total: $153.87
February Savings:  $151.94

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