Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meal Planning on a Budget

I gave this idea a trial run in the month of February, but I intend to really REALLY stick to it this time. :)

I have been using a monthly meal calendar for a few months now. I find it really useful and solves some of the "What do I want to make" blues. However, some nights, what is on my calendar may not strike my fancy. So, as long as I have the ingredients at home, I am ok to change it.

Last month, I added a grocery booklet to go along with my calendar. I wrote down by week what I needed. This served as an excellent shopping list! Also, if there was a sale on an item I needed later in the month that was nonperishable, I knew I could pick it up early and cross if off my list. It worked fabulously!

Beginning of the month, can you tell?! I also have been making bread more often so I am going through my baking supplies faster than normal. And would you believe it if I said there isn't any salt in my house right now!?!

I have a couple of coupons I would like to use because they are rare and of high value. So, I have the final page dedicated to items I am looking to stock up on. These coupons expire this month. If I was smart, I would write down the coupon expiration date!

Let me know if this helps you out!!

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