Sunday, February 26, 2012

Planned Trip... That I Know Won't Go Smoothly

I am planning for the worst tomorrow. I highly doubt I will be getting everything I want :) But that is the price I pay for not wanting to pay full price!

I got most of what I wanted! YES!


6 boxes Multi Grain Peanut Butter Cheerio's
Use $1 (No longer available) and doubler
=Free +tax


16 Yoplait Yogurt
Use $1/8 and doubler
=.25 each or $2 for 16

6 Barilla Pasta
Use $1/2 and doubler
=$.08 each or $.48 for 6

4 Muir Glen tomato paste
(Only at Overland store)
Use $1/2 (no longer availible) and doubler
= +$.02 per can or +$.08 overage
(enough to cover one box of pasta. hehe!)

4 Kraft Fresh Take
Rumored price: $2.09
Use $1/1 from SS 2/26 and doubler
=$.09 each or $.18 for 2

2 Armour Pepperoni
Price Unknown  $1.78
Use $1/2 coupon (nla) and doubler
=? But I want pizza! hehe
$1.56 for 2

3 IAMS pet food
Use $3/1 from P&G this month
=$1.67 for one or $5 for 3
*Does not count on my 2012 Challenge Budget!

If all goes well, I will pay $2.66 plus pepperoni and tax on my budget and $7.66 + extra with cat food.

If any of the above don't work out, I have several alternatives

6 Colgate Toothpates 4.0oz
Use $.75/1 from SS 2/26 and doublers
Free or +$.51 depending on cashier

Cascade Action Packs
(Hardly ever in stock)
Use $.50/1 and doubler
Free or +$.03

Oral B Floss
(hardly ever in stock)

Use $.75/1 from Feb. P&G and doublers
Free or +$.50 depending on cashier

Items not in stock at my store!

Or, if the Fresh Take really is that good of a deal, I will get more of those! They are really easy and pretty good!


If none of those work, I will have a bunch of doublers to give away!

Total Spent: $13.71
Feb Budget: $8.80
Total Saved: $55.82

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