Saturday, March 17, 2012

DIY Cat Shelves

Cat trees are expensive. Here is a DIY solution that will still allow your cats to have some fun!

1 x 8 x 10 cut into 18" pieces (4 shelves)
8 angle brackets
Staple gun and staples
24 2" all purpose wall screws
24 8x3/4 wood screws

 We had left over carpet which was perfect! 
Align one straight edge with the side of the wood. Leave a generous amount of carpet on the remaining 3 sides. Enough so you can staple it later.
 For a smooth corner, notch out the corners on the two sides not aligned with the back of the board.
 Fold the carpet over on the sides.
 It is important that the carpet is pulled tight over the front lip so it won't pucker.
 You may need two hands! :)
 This was the neatest way we could find to finish off the corners.
 Staple the sides if they are puckering and staple where the corners meet. 
 Secure on the top by stapling along the aligned edge. Repeat for other shelves.
 Use a stud finder to locate the studs in your walls. 
 Mount the brackets first. This helps to get the shelf flush against the wall. It also helps cut out meticulous measurements.
Measure how high you want your shelves off the ground. Ours were spaced 14".
 Use 2" screws to secure into studs.
Level the second bracket with the first.
 Also, remember to place your shelf on top on the brackets to make sure the brackets fit between the carpeted area. 
 (Our cats were extremely curious... and didn't like the drill much)
 The first shelf is the trickiest, but next, place the shelf on top of the brackets. Have a helper put a little pressure above the securing site. These are the wood screws. Repeat.
 Testing it out!
 These are mounted in our stairway. We had a lot of dead space.
We put in less than $30 for this. (And we got a gift card from work so it was even less out of our pocket!)

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  1. this is amazing :) thanks!!!

  2. Hi. Want to do this, but I am confused at how you get four shelves from a 1'by8'by10' piece. Can you tell me what the measurements were for each shelf? I need to know for how big the brackets can be. Thanks.

  3. Whoops. Just figured it out. Never mind! THanks for posting this! I can't wait to try it out!

  4. I went to the ReStore (that sells used household items) and bought cupboard doors. I then went and bought a remnant. It was so easy with the cupboard boards since they're the perfect size.

  5. I just love that you gave the height in which you spaced them. The fact that you put them on the stairway walls was an "Ah Ha" moment for me. Thanks a bunch for sharing these simple and precise directions!