Monday, March 5, 2012

Free Food!!!

Remember how I bought a freezer? Well, I went back to Albertson's today to redeem a good chunk of my awesome coupons. Can you say "Wow!" I spent $3.05 in tax (plus $2.39 for milk) and came home with all of this:

The two things I was most excited for??? Free Ramen and Free Sprinkles!  I have been wanting Ramen forever but haven't buckled down and bought it. (It's so expensice, right?)

A lot of these foods are "treat" foods... or foods that I don't buy very often. I don't think it's worth paying money for Eggo's or tomato pasta sauce. But if it's free, why not! We needed the freezer so why not cash in a bit.

We paid $159.99 for the freezer and I saved $85.38 today. So, $75 for a freezer isn't bad! :) Plus, this really helps out my budget this month!

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