Sunday, October 21, 2012

DIY Mario Mushroom Pillow Pattern

Mario 1 Up and Super Mushroom Pattern

Pattern: Self-made patter found HERE

I will show pictures from both. I modified the 1-Up mushroom a tad because I couldn't find any green fabric with polka-dots on it that wasn't too "baby."
  • Cut pattern. Pin top of mushroom on the fold of fabric. Cut two.

  • Cut two mushroom "faces."

  •  I used fleece for the white spots on the 1-up. This will give it some texture and also won't fray. I didn't take the time to tuck the sides under.  I used a can to cut my circles.

  •  If placing on dots, sew before placing together.

  •  I used a really small seam allowance. 

I decided after it looked better with more dots. DO THIS BEFORE you sew the two pieces together. So much easier... as I found out the hard way!

  • Next, place the face on the mushroom top, right sides together. I lined them up one on top of the other to make sure they would like up when I sew them together. 

  • I used a 1/4" seam allowance here.

  •  Fold down and press.

  •  Pin right sides together.

  •  Sew around the edges, 1/4-1/2" seam allowance. Doesn't matter. I used 1/2" to be safe. Leave pocket at the bottom to turn right-side out and stuff.

  •  Turn out. Corners of mushroom may pucker a bit, I used a few hand stitches to get rid of this.

  •  Stuff.

  •  I didn't have the patience to blind stitch  these, but would make it look more finished. I think they look fine just sewn. 

  •  Ta-da!

  •  Draw on the eyes. I think it looks better drawn on than sewn.

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  1. These are exactly what I plan to make for my boys for Christams. Thanks for cutting down on my work by posting your wonderful patterns! They are exactly what I've planned to do. I got the red and white poka-dot material from Ikea and the yellow at a goodwill (I got lucky there). Now I just need white for mushroom bodies and black for eyes. I can't wait to make them!

    ~Janice Desroches

    1. I am so happy I could help! I made these for my little guys nursery! :)