Sunday, October 21, 2012

DIY Mario Power Star Pillow

Mario Power Star Pillow

Pattern: Self-made pattern found HERE
  • Cut out pattern and tape the two parts of the star together.
  • Place on fold on yellow fabric, cut two stars.

  • I cut out two eyes from black jean fabric. Pin to one star, sew.

  • I do not have specific seam allowance, and I used white thread because my black was all gone :(

  •  Place two stars right-sides together. (The pattern isn't 100% perfect so there was one way that the stars fit together the best.)

  • Sew with a 1/2" seam. When you get to a vertex, place needle down in fabric, lift presser foot, turn fabric, drop foot, resume sewing. 

  • Make sure to leave a gap in the bottom to turn right-side out and to insert stuffing.

  • Turn right side out.

  •  Use scissors to make the points pop out.

  •  Get ready to stuff!

  •  Make sure to stuff the corners well. It is hard to get stuffing in the corners after it is sewn up. I found my finger worked better than the scissors. Place enough stuffing in the star to allow it to settle once sewn shut.

  •  Pin the bottom on the star

  • Ta-da!
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