Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Walmart Doubles Trip

Oh my hannah, I spent too much on candy!

Yoplait Yogurt
$.50 ea x6
Used $.40/6 and doubler
=$.37/ cup, $2.20 for 6

Tident Gum
$.96 ea x 6
Used $1/3 and doubler
=$.33 each, $1.80 for 6

$2.98 x3
Used $1 peelie on bread (look on bottom shelf Mer. Walmart) and doubler
=$.98/loaf, $2.94 for 3

Challenger Butter
$3.28 x2
Used $.55/1 and doubler
=$2.18/lb or $4.36 for 2

Used $1/2 and doubler

And I'm not going to confess to how much I bought exactly.... haha. But my kindergarten and 3rd grade classes will be enjoying a treat from me tomorrow!

Total Spent:$32.78
Total Saved: $22.96

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