Thursday, November 1, 2012

Store Loyalty Progrmas and Email Lists

Some people can't stand using a store rewards card. And heaven forbid you receive emails from yet another company/person. 

But for me, I find some of my best deals from using loyalty programs and emails. If you don't want to be bored with my latest loyalty card story, here are the main points of why I love these programs and tips for using them.
  • Some products can only be bought at the sale price if you are a loyalty member. 
    • Most grocery stores like Albertson's and Fred Meyer have these. Some may argue it's stupid or its just cooperate's way of spying on you, if it gets me the sale price, AWESOME. Your other option is to go to Walmart. (Which I have no problem doing...)
  • Emails are easily deleted. Worried about your information? Most major retailers are very careful with your email address. Still worried? See next point.
  • Create a separate email for receiving money saving deals. 
    • If you use gmail, you don't even have to put your full name so if you send emails or insert info on a website, you don't have to use your real identity.
  • Glance through emails before deleting.
    • The best deals may not be the subject of the email...
  • Read fine print on deal information. 
    • You never know when you can print multiple coupons!

Here is my most recent experience from PetSmart:

First off, my husband had been reminding me to buy cat litter for a few days... But I just can't bring myself to pay full price for litter. Seriously. I love my cats, but their bathroom habits are expensive. 

After a few days of his hounding, I received an email with the subject line "This Weekend Only! Save up to $10 with the enclosed coupon." Normally, it would be for some product I would never use and it would be easy to delete. But I decided to check. There were three coupons enclosed in the email, the $10 off being $10 off $40. Well, boo, right? Until I looked at the online ad (linked through the email) and saw that with my PetPerks card, cat litter was on sale... $2 off the regular price. Not usually enough to make me run in, but at least it was a deal. 

I read the fine print. I could print and use two of these coupons. Sweet.

After I crunched some numbers, this is what I found out. If I bought 3 42lb bags of litter, it would put me over the $40 mark to get my $10 off. Combine that with the sale, and it was like buy 2, get 1 free. It also was cheaper per lb than most sale prices I had found. I bought three bags. 

I crunched the numbers in my spreadsheet after I got home and saw what a good deal it was. So I went back the next day to get more. Well, I had nearly cleared the shelf the day before... So I got a bag and the next thing cats go through like mad. Cat food. Which -TA-DA- was on sale too! 

So, lesson learned. Check your emails. Join programs like PetPerks. It took 10 seconds to look through the email to save a total of $39!

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