Monday, September 2, 2013

iBotta... seriously the best thing ever!

You have got to check this out.

Crazy Target Coupon Trip
Redeem 4 offers in Autumn Stock Up over course of  2 days (AS) Extra $5
Redeem 3 offers in Freshen Up Bonus in single transaction (FU) Extra $3
Redeem 2 offers in Kitchen and Bath Bonus in 1 transaction (KB) Extra $3
Redeem 2 offers for Hug your Baby in 1 transaction (HB) Extra $2
Redeem 10 select offers, receive bonus $20
First time iBotta people get $10 for redeeming offers!

Most of the coupons I got from
I also signed up for Cartwheel, Target’s reward program sort of like this.

You will need to make sure you follow all the guidelines so you can get each bonus!!!!

T1- Day 1

Product and $$                                                      Bonus                     Reward                

*Kleenex Facial Tissue 3pk+                                 FU, AS                   Ibotta: $1                  5pk $5.69
*Scott Bath Tissue 8pk                                           FU, AS                   Ibotta:$.75              24pk $10.99
*Viva Towels 6pk                                                   FU, AS                   Ibotta:$.75              8pk $12.49
*Huggies Diapers                                                   HB                          Ibotta:$1.50              $8.99
*Huggies Wipes  40+                                             HB                          Ibotta:$.75                 $1.97
*Softsoap 8.5+ and Kleenex Hand towels 60 ct     KB                          Ibotta:$1.50               $1.99
*Colgate Advanced Whitening TP 5.8oz, Optic White Tooth Brush, Kleenex Facial Tissue 72+    KB Ibotta:$3             $2.99, $2.99, $1.69
*Cottonelle Bath tissue 4ct+ and Cleansing cloth (dispenser or refill) KB  Ibotta: $1                  12pk $6.49 wipes $2.99

T2- Day 2 (Haven't done this yet)
*Poise EX: 10-16 ct liners                                    AS                           Ibotta:$1.25       
*U by Kotex    any size                                         AS                           Ibotta:$.75

Don't freak when you see your receipt. You will get about $45 back in PayPal from iBotta!  


Check out the Krazy Coupon Lady for more ideas, or without the diapers.

Use my link, please, to register!!

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