Friday, July 26, 2013

Snack Bags for Two

One week of snacks for two adults:

2 lbs baby carrots, a handful per bag ($2)
3 bunches of radishes, (only last about 5 days), 4-5 per bag ($1.50)
1 bag broccoli, 5-6 "trees" per bag ($3.50)
1 package of celery, cut in thirds, 3-4 per bag ($1.50)
1 lb green beans, handful per bag ($1.50)
2 cheese sticks per bag ($2.50)

*tricks* I have found it to be easier to stuff the bags if the gbs go in first, then the celery. After that, it really doesn't matter. 

Trail Mix:

1 bag pretzels, one handful ($2)
1 container peanuts, small handfull (?)
1 medium bag M&M's, even smaller handful ($3)

other add in ideas: cashews, raisins, sunflower seeds, dried fruit, etc.

To make a weeks worth of snacks for my husband and myself, it took less than an hour! These prices were what I paid today. Ish. It you figure two snacks a day times two people, it's about a $1 a snack. But... I still have pretzels, M&M's, and radishes left over. And, to save $$, you can buy the broccoli not already chopped up and washed. I was lazy today.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Adult Chore Charts

My husband and I both hate doing chores. And we are terrible at motivating each other. So, I made a chore chart for us. Each day we had a daily chore. Problem was, neither of us was motivated to do them.

So, I added an incentive to our chores! We each have something that is a $$$$ want but we just can't justify going out to the store and buying. So, I added a value to doing daily chores (and threw in exercise!) and made it sort of a competition to see who could reach their goal first!

I am currently trying to make these charts into a decorative display. Watch for that post!