Friday, February 7, 2014

iBotta Step by Step

I love iBotta! I have earned over $200 back from my groceries! Here is a step by step guide (as of the latest update!) You can combine iBotta offers with coupons and sales! I have earned free cereal and other foods and even got $10 back on my new TV! The offers change and "sell out," so best redeem them once you get home!

Home screen.

Select offers from the top menu. Select grocery.

I selected Wal-Mart, but 90% of the time, I shop Winco.

Select your offer. I chose the Plum Organics.

Do the activities required to earn the bonuses. 

It may ask you to do several different things: take a poll, learn a fact, post to Twitter, etc.

At the bottom, select the pink "Redeem" check mark.

It will prompt you to verify items.

Select item to verify. 


When prompted, alight receipt and take picture. You may have to add a section or two as the entire receipt needs to be included. Submit!

Here are my earnings!! Isn't it awesome? All of the money is deposited into PayPal once you cash out!

There are bonuses for completing certain offers. For example, this time around with the milk, if you redeem two more offers, you get an additional $.50 off milk. There is a specific tab on the menu for finding these special offers.

Sign up for FREE here! (And they usually have $$$ bonuses for new sign ups!!)

 Comment for questions! :)

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