Wednesday, April 30, 2014

SOS! Need Yard Help!!

Neither BJ or I have a green thumb. And it shows. Our yard is that yard on the block that makes everyone else's yard look good. You know the one. But we have committed ourselves to investing the time and money into it this year to get it manageable. 

The first thing that HAD to go was the rock around the trees. I hate it. It looks bad. I only got one tree done today, but I will keep working at it as I get the time. M was more than happy to sit back and drink his milk in the shade.

I think our course of action here is to put a mow strip around the circumference and something in the middle?? What is the lowest upkeep??

And, as you can tell, we have dead spots that the HOA is yelling at us for, so we are working on prepping the yard to be reseeded. Blah.

And here is where I need your help, oh People of the Internet.

I hate this bush. The big ugly one on the right that looks like a chia pet that strangles people as they walk by. I may have sprayed Round Up on a weed near it and killed on part of it... and I'm oh so tempted to accidentally spray it some more. My MIL suggested moving it back by the fence. (That ugly, ugly fence. I wish they would have done vinyl but I'm too cheap to do anything about it now.) Thoughts? In any matter, I want it gone.

In it's place, I want a small, flowering bush. One that flowers in spring would be nice. You can't see it, but behind it is a beautiful Butterfly Bush that blooms in the late summer/ealry fall. It is my favorite plant but you can't see it through the chia pet. 

Also, I am wondering if I want to remove the rock here, only where the bushes are, not at the side of the house. Or, do I want to just plant some smaller flowering plants in the rock?

Problem area 2. I am not a fan of these buses either. I don't know who picked them, but I hate them. The one on the right grows really tall and looks like a gangly seventh grader. True story. Also can't decide if I want to remove the rock. The little rock patch on the right with the sewer cap is the neighbors, so maybe I will talk to her and see what she wants to do. I would love suggestions on full sun perenials to plant here. Even a flowering bush. Low maintenance, of course.  

And, problem area 3... right in front of the garage. Under the brick, and around the house, is rock as well. I would like to put flowers in front of the brick and nix the rock, but would keep the rock on the side.

The rock. The rock. Where to keep and throw out the rock. (I originally typed "throw up." Yup. Pregnancy brain.)

Please people! Help me do this low budget, low maintenance, but help us look like we care!

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