Friday, February 1, 2013

The Fourth Trimester

A friend told me that no one tells you about the fourth trimester. I believe it exists.

1. Maternity Clothes
I was so ready to be done with my maternity clothes. I was sick of wearing the same things over and over again. Well, I am still wearing them and will be for awhile. In fact, because of breastfeeding, I actually can wear LESS of my wardrobe that I wore while pregnant. When I went shopping for some summer clothes, I could only fit pants three sizes bigger than what I normally wear. It was depressing. DON'T go shopping four weeks after you have a baby. Which leads to #2...

2. Body Image Issues
I remember looking in the mirror while pregnant and just thinking, "I am so fat." I know I wasn't the thinnest thing before becoming pregnant and hated my bust, but I so long for that right now! What I wouldn't give to fit into the bras I once cried over! And now that I'm not pregnant, it's not obvious why I'm fat and extremely busty. I almost wish there was a way to shout to the world, "I just had a baby; cut me some slack!" It was easy to justify the weight gain while pregnant. But now I look in the mirror and think, "What did I do to myself over the last nine months!?" While said shopping, I held up a pair of pants and though, "holy cow, you have to be extremely fat to fit those." They didn't fit. I about died. But I think the #3 issues plays a part here, too.

3. Raging Hormones
After you have a baby, you have yet another surge of hormones. You were just becoming content with being pregnant and accepting the fact that if you get upset over split milk, it was probably the hormones talking. I had read about the "baby blues," but what they don't tell you is that you still have...

4. Uncontrollable Crying
I had baked a cake the other day and it just fell to pieces. And so did I. It was a cake for heaven sakes. So not worth crying over. But just like when I was pregnant, there is sometimes no control over when the water works start. There are still times when I am really tired that the smallest thing sets me off.

5. Cravings
I didn't really have cravings while pregnant. Things would sound good and BJ would indulge me, but I didn't have true cravings. There have been some times since baby that I have just got to have something. Mostly just sweets. My sweet tooth has run wild since having a baby.

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6. Pregnancy-Turned-Mommy Brain
I swear every ounce of smarts drained out of my body when I became pregnant. I was forgetful. I repeated myself. I couldn't do simple math. I did stupid things. I sometimes couldn't talk right... Complete pregnancy brain. Now I have Mommy Brain. I am forgetful. I repeat myself. I repeat myself. :) I can't do simple math. And today I did a stupid thing... I signed up for a required class to renew my license over the time I knew I'd be on vacation. DUH, Stephanie. You are so stupid. (Please pray another section opens up, PLEASE!) I actually had to buy an app to keep track of when I feed him and which side I nursed last. The first few days I was a mess trying to remember.

7. A Husband in Slavery
While this isn't a "bad thing," I still feel bad. While pregnant, I asked my husband to do a lot of things for me. Like constantly refilling my water bottle. My excuse was I was tired, getting up was hard, yadda, yadda, yadda. I thought I would become a little more independent now that I have my body back. Well... Now I have a babe in arms. So he is still constantly refilling my water bottle, fetching the burp cloth, etc. Poor boy. :) But I greatly appreciate what he does.

8. Not Sleeping Through the Night
I honestly could not tell you the last time I slept through the night. While pregnant, it was the non-stop bathroom breaks that kept me awake. Now, obviously, it's feeding  a baby. Although, I have absolutely no right to complain. He will usually let me go 4-6 hours once a night. I know that is more than some moms get with kids 10 months old. Although, I must say I sleep better now that I can lay on my stomach at night. good by, side sleeping!

9. Body Discomfort
I was under some impression that you "got your body back" once you had your baby. Let me tell you, NOT SO. :) There are things that were better while pregnant and things better while not. My back actually was better when I was pregnant. Now it is something terribly painful. I had a rotated vertebrae when I went into the chiropractor. It is wonderful to be able to get out of a chair or off the couch easily, though. Sitting down was painful the first week after delivery. I will never take that luxury for granted again. Many mom's complain of pain from breastfeeding, but I have only suffered this discomfort a few times. I'm sure it will come, though.  Time, I'm sure, will help me feel "normal" again, but I don't remember what normal is!

10. Falling Behind on Housework
... And that's ok. I had a baby to grow and now I have a baby to love!

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But just so you know, I wouldn't trade it all for the world!!

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