Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mario Curtains

Easy DIY Mario Curtains

I made these for my Mario Nursery. I did not have a pattern to go off of and decided to just go for it. There are a few things I would change and suggestions I would make for those wanting to try to make these. Just be warned. I am a "close enough" kind of sewer! But hopefully this will give you an idea of where to go and what to do!

  • Prepare your fabric.

  •  Measure your windows. Mine were 47x47. These will have 6 in of green on the bottom so I took that into account when cutting. Also remember to leave a seam allowance at the top and bottom and 2" extra to put a curtain rod through. I ended up cutting mine a little long on purpose just to take all that into account.

  •  Measure bottom stripe. I wanted 6 inches so I measured 7.5. Ended up being a little long, but it works.

  •  Sew right sides together using a 1/4" or 1/2" seam. I prefer sewing just right long my presser foot.

  •  Measure desired length of stripe. Measure to make sure it is the same length all the way across. Sew seam along bottom, remembering to roll for nice edge. You can use larger than 1/4" seam if you have enough fabric (like I did). I used a 3/4" seam and it looked nice.  

  • Forgot a picture of this step, but sew a finished seam around the edge of each side. On the top, fold over two inches to make pocket for your curtain rod and sew. I used a zig zag seam with green thread that looked really nice. But I have a valance going over the top. I wasn't too concerned with it looking too pretty.

  •  I didn't want to buy expensive black out material so I used some polyester I had on hand. I just sewed it on along the seam along the top where my pocket is. Just be careful you don't sew into the pocket like I did in one spot. Made putting the curtain rod in a little tight!
  • Repeat for however many panels you need. Make sure lengths are equal when sewing multiple panels. I had to cut about an inch off of my second panel to make it line up right. Not sure how that happened... maybe that's how my "close enough" sewing plays in! :)

I found this idea on Pinterest and decided to make it my own. I made up this pattern too, but would change a few things. Also, I am sparse on pictures.

  • I cut 5 12x12 pieces of cotton fabric. 3 black for the blocks, 2 cream for the iron on transfers. Choose size based on your windows.

  • Cut out brown blocks. Next time, I would make fewer larger blocks and take the time to make a nice seam on all of them instead of zigzagging around. Mine were 2" wide by 4" long.

  •  Pin to black fabric.

  •  This is where I failed to take pictures. I bought iron on Mario characters on ebay. Iron those on. 
  • Next, sew the 5 blocks together with a 1/4" seam on each side. (Sew right sides together like you were piecing a quilt.) Finish the sides and bottom edge with a nice seam.
  • I needed a way to hang these and block out some light so I made a "separate curtain" out of an old bed sheet. I used the edge so I didn't need to finish seams on the bottom.

  •  Sew a pocket (mine was 2") for a curtain rod.

  •  I wanted the brown zigzags to show on the other side at 2.5" from the top. I placed my transfers with that in mind. Here is the change I would make: I would use a black back curtain and sew it on at the same time I sewed my top seam. Instead, I measured 2.5" down and pinned on the seam (brown stitches on white in picture) at the 2.5 mark and very carefully stitched it on, making sure I didn't sew onto the pocket.
  • Sewing loops like the original blog post is an option, too. Or folding the top over two inches to make a pocket like on the curtains is another option. I obviously chose the hard route...

Put it together and Presto! Mario!

They look nice with my matching bed skirt!

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