Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Almighty Coupon Binder

Organization is essential in couponing! I used to have all of my coupons just tucked in a pocket-folder-thingy and had them sorted by month. When I was only getting one paper, this worked ok but I often found I would overlook coupons I had had for several months and forgot about.

My new coupon binder was assembled at the beginning of this month. It is just a 3 ring binder with pocket inserts. I sorted all of my coupons on the floor and typed up what categories they fell under and then made a few extra labels for coupons I didn't have, but sometimes receive. Amazon has a good deal on coupon sleeves! But you need to hurry! You never know how long their prices will last!

When I put my coupons in my binder, I am a little OCD about their order. Most people put them in order of expiration date. I put them in order of best value (for like products) for the products I am most likely to use, by expiration date. EX: Yoplait has several coupons out right now. $1/10, $.40/6, and $.50/8. I am most likely to use the $1/10 coupons first so I put all of those in order of expiraction date, then the $.40/6 by expiration, and so on. 

I try and take my coupon binder to the store with me every time I go. Sometimes I regret not taking it. Like today... when Trident gum was on clearance at Target and I left my coupon binder in the car. It may have been a good thing, though. I have 4 packs of gum at home already!

When I plan a shopping trip, I clip all of those coupons together and put them in a front pocket in my binder by store. I haven't made a label for my stores yet, but it is in the works. That way, I know I will be using coupon "X" at store "A" later on in the week so I don't accidentally use it somewhere else or misplace it!

Other things I keep in my coupon binder:

*Store ads when I want to price match at Wal-Mart.
*Pair of scissors.
*Lined paper so I can write out my shopping trips.

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