Saturday, October 29, 2011

Price Matching

You've looked through all of your ads for the week and you are getting overwhelmed at the number of stores you have to visit to get all of your good deals. For those who are all for the "one-stop-shopping" shoppers, Walmart and Shopko will price match other stores with their ad.

There are few restrictions to price matching so make sure to check out these policies.

Walmart's price matching policy.
Shopko's price matching policy.

For example, at Walmart you can price match "Buy one at $2.99 get one 50% off", but you cannot price match "Buy one get one 50%off" without a specified price.

A price matching scenario I did was for Past Roni. It was $.79 a box at Fred Meyer. I had already planned my trip to Walmart and didn't want to run to Freddies. Walmart is pretty good about the customer saying "Product X is on sale at store A." The cashiers are supposed to have a copy of competitors ads at the register, but they don't always. Thus, I usually carry a copy of the ads. Anyway, so I showed my ad to the cashier and I got FM's price at Walmart. Then, I was able to use my coupons there.

Any questions about price matching, please leave a comment!

Please feel free to list others in the comments. I will research them, find the links, and repost.

Places that price match appliances:
RC Willey

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