Monday, November 14, 2011

Doubles for 11/13-11/15

I thought this shopping trip was going to turn into a disaster! Nothing I wanted was in stock. I guess that is what I get for not shopping on Sunday's like the general population. But that is A-OK. I was blessed anyway.

Here is my Double Coupon Report from Walmart. Once again, if you don't have doubles available, still pay attention for the good deals!!

1-2. Rhode's Warm and Serve Rolls
$2.12 for 6 Dinner Rolls
$1/1 coupon + doubler
=.12 a bag! :)

*For this coupon, see this blog post. Sorry to make you hunt it down, but it's worth it.... even with out the double!

3-4. Welch's Fruit Fizz 4pkg - I wanted to give it a try...
$2.98 for 4 cans
$1/1 coupon + doubler
= $.98/4 pack, .$.25/can

*Coupon found on Also has a coupon for sparkling cider.

5-6. Welch's Light Grape Juice
$2.97 for 64 oz
$1/1 from 11/6 SS + double
= $.97/64oz

7. Marie Calendar's Dutch Apple Pie (That is already in the oven!!)
$1/1 from 11/13 SS (or RP) + doubler

*Watch for these to go on sale. They are always on sale some where for the holidays for as low as $3.99. 

8. Yeast
$1.04 for 3 pkg strip
$1/1 coupon + double

*You can still find a great deal almost anywhere with these coupons. Tis the Season! :) List of yeast coupons found here. On sale for the holidays.

9. Yoplait Yogurt
$.50 / cup
$1/10 coupon found in GM 11/13 + double

*Walmart and Winco have these for the best price. Other stores charge up to $.70

10-12. Crest Toothpaste
$2.72/ 4.4oz
$1/1 coupon PG 10/30 + double
=$.72/ box (Merry Christmas, Mom! hehe)

13-15. Bar S Hot Dogs
$.89/ 1lb package
$.75/2 coupon (from Oct sometime...) + double
=$.14/1 lb pkg

Saved: $26.50

*Before normal grocery shopping

Other Double Deals From Albertson's:

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