Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Save on Meat

I don't know if you have noticed, but meat prices have sky rocketed! Regular 80/20 hamburger up here is at least $3.28/lb in the stores. However, I just bought 97/3 hamburger for $2.98/lb. While you may think this is still expensive for hamburger, consider the difference in quality. I can brown a pound of Zaycon hamburger and not have to soak up any grease! And, did I mention it is the tastiest beef I have ever had? I also bought boneless, skinless chicken just a little while ago for $1.49/lb!

Zaycon sells their meat in bulk... which means you may need a meat buddy. I am pretty sure the chicken and hamburger come in 40lb cases and the bacon comes in a 30 lb case. (Their bacon is not the best, rock bottom price out there but it is SOOO GOOD! I am down to 6 pieces and can't wait until the next bacon event!) For those in college, newly weds, or thsoe with smaller families, ask around to see if anyone wants to go in on the deal with you. I have always been able to find someone to split it with.

Large case also means you need to dedicate some time to store it. Here is what I did last night. It is 20lbs of yummy beef browned and ready to go when I need it! (Well, 18lbs is shown. The other two are for meatloaf tonight!)

Logan, Centerville (closest to Bountiful), Salt Lake, and Orem along with other cities in UT are having their chicken event. Orders must be placed before Novemeber 8th. First come, first serve.

You must register to see prices and events. Please use the following link:

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