Saturday, November 5, 2011

Knowing Where to Look for Coupons

These are just a list of my favorites. There are many coupon sites!! But make sure to check these out! Coupons are updated, taken away, or changed periodically throughout the month however they are "reset" on the first. Coupons are on first come, first serve basis. They can be printed twice. May see a link for these coupons from other websites with "". This is from the same site yet you may not find them on To print these coupons twice, hit the back button on your browser (twice if a message pops up saying data needs to be resent.

Red Plum and Smart Source: A few more coupons not found in their newspaper inserts. (I check Smart Source more frequently than Red Plum.)

Better Crocker or Pillsbury: Often has slightly higher coupon values than other sites. These are reset on the first business day of the month and are on a first come, first serve basis.  These sites have the same generator so if you reach your print limit on one, you reach your print limit on the other. Not sure there is an advantage to joining both, but I have.

Kellogg's: Average value coupons off Kellogg's cereal and products. This is usually the only place other than inserts where you can find these coupons.

Procter and Gamble: often has free samples and coupons. Can only be used quarterly so look for things you will use. They update their site periodically so keep checking back. This website will also tell you when the next P&G insert will be coming out. They also have a Home Made Simple coupon mailer. I recommend getting this! Check to see if they are available. (I have already requested mine so I don't know if this link will work.)
Home Made Simple

*** Worried about giving away your email? I created an email address for the soul purpose of signing up for these promotions and coupons. If you use gmail, you do not have to give your real or full name. For things that need to be mailed, you will need to provide your address but I have never had problems with giving this out on these sites. Always check the privacy policies.***

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