Monday, January 16, 2012

Feed Back Needed! Giveaway!!!

I am looking for some feedback on my blog. Here are the things I am curious about:

Blog appearance
Post relevance to you
Frequency of posts
What you would like to see more of
What you would like to see less of
Are spreadsheets helpful

Leave a comment about my blog and be entered into a drawing for 10 handmade cards. (Birthday, Wedding, holiday, Just Because, etc.)
This is not an actual card, but is a sample:

Giveaway ends and winner announced 1/23. Winner chosen by US residents only :)
Cards mailed (or delivered) by 2/1


  1. Stephanie, I love your blog! :) I have been wanting to get into couponing for awhile and even though I haven't gotten there quite yet, I see your blog and think I should do that. So you are my constant little reminder that I need to get into it. You make it sound so easy so I should just start. It's one of my goals to start this year.
    I love how simple the blog is and how you mention a broad amount of things. You never really know what you are going to need so I like that you mention everything. Even if I don't need it I think oh I should get some for my food storage. :)
    So I think your blog is awesome! The end!

  2. Your blog is awesome - I like the links and the pictures of the coupons you added. It makes it easier to know what to look for. You are amazing!