Thursday, January 5, 2012


Print the $3/1 KY product coupon off of Smart Source for this great money making deal. The 2 oz bottle of KY is regularly priced at $2.84, making this a money maker.

Now, I must admit I have a funny story to share with this coupon. I printed this coupon last month because I had heard of this deal before. I didn't look at the expiration date before going to the register and so I was a "day expired." The cashier told me they hadn't mailed in the monthly coupons yet and that the register manager would allow them to take coupons a few days after they expired. However, he stopped and asked, "Now, is this a want, or a need?" with a smile on his face. I was getting the deal because it was a money maker. Honest to goodness. I intended to give it away either to charity or at a bridal shower gag gift bag. I of course told him it was a want. Well, my husband came shopping with me. The cashier turns to him and says, "I bet your husband would say it was a need. Not a want." Wow. Haha. Little scared to buy products like this again! Needless to say, I got the deal but I walked away a little embarrassed.

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